Slowing things down and taking a break

**In another look back at the Outlook files, here’s the column I wrote right after I got back from my beautiful vacation to Mexico**



You may notice my name isn’t really going to appear much in the pages of this newspaper this week.
A story or two, tops. 
Why is that, Othello?
The unthinkable happened. I took a full week off from work and left the country, literally.
I spent a week hanging out in Cozumel, Mexico, with my family. I turned off my phone when I boarded my plane for the last leg of my trip Aug. 10 and didn’t turn it back on until I landed back in the United States Aug. 17.
I don’t know if I can describe how great that was. I didn’t call anyone, text anyone or answer any emails. I just read books (still far behind on my reading goal for the year, unfortunately), slept, went swimming and drove around and saw the island. I didn’t write any stories or worry about how to fill the newspaper.
It was a much-needed break. 
I’m lucky I have the co-workers I do who could step up and help me fill in the gaps where needed so I could take some time off.
I had some great experiences down in Mexico. Our trip to go snorkeling with whale sharks was canceled, unfortunately, after a big storm closed the port in Cancun where we were to leave from. We were kept inside another couple days, too, because of torrential rains and cloudy skies. This did nothing to diminish the experience, though. It was still warm; we were able to open the sliding door to our balcony and listen to the rain while we read, played cards and enjoyed each other’s company.
My favorite day, though, was when my boyfriend and I rented a car and set out to adventure around the island. Cozumel isn’t very big and is far from a bustling metropolis, but it does have plenty to see, including Mayan ruins, a nature reserve area, miles and miles of beautiful beaches with some of the clearest, bluest water I’ve ever seen and more.
I saw Bob Marley’s, I got shouted out by vendors who thought that I absolutely needed some of their merchandise and got more of a feel of what locals are like than I could ever get back at the resort. I even got to see a crocodile chilling in the shade and waiting, like us, for the heat of the day to pass by.
That’s one thing about Mexico in August, it is hot! When I looked at the temperatures before flying out, they were lower than here in Othello. The mugginess in the air, though, made us all move in slow motion. Slow motion isn’t really bad for a vacation, though. I think it should be the preferred speed of vacation time. I am not quite ready for things to speed back up but, ready or not, I jumped back into the newspaper this week. 
I may not have many stories in this issue, but tune back in next week, things should be back to normal. Unless I miss the beach too much and I pack up and run away from home.
Nah, I won’t do that. Probably.


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