TILT Sept. 8, 2013

Happy end of weekend. (Sigh)

I hate when weekends end now more than ever. I’ve always worked on weekends, whether it was retail or covering events and catching up. But now, more than ever, I want to enjoy them. Spend time with someone who loves me during the only chances we get.

Today, I did both.

I had a lot of work to do. He had a lot of work to do. We holed up in a cafe, drank many cups of coffee (his full of creamer, mine black), had some lemonade and wrote and wrote.

It was so nice. Companionship even when doing work-type things that generally make me cranky pants.


It’s not so bad when there’s a fella who adores you smiling across the table.

So I wrote things about inspirational assemblies and rodeo queens and helping at-risk youths. Like, seriously, though, I haven’t been able to write this evening like I did all day today. My heart wasn’t in it.

Not to mention after we watched even more Smallville. So what if we’re only eight episodes into the 218 there are. We have ages and ages to figure it out.

Plus, this is FAIR AND RODEO WEEK. I may be a self-proclaimed city girl but I stinkin’ love the fair. And, even more surprising, I love the rodeo. Sure, the first time I went, I gasped every time a cowboy hit the dirt. But now? I still gasp, but I love the excitement. And I can’t wait to go again.


Another way to deal with work stress and life unhappiness? Silly pictures. Those always work.



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