Sorry, my head’s still back in Election Day

**Another look at the Outlook backpages. This is from about a month ago, but I wanted to share with you how actually nerdy I am…**


As an extremely social person, a meet-and-greet gathering is my bread and butter. I’ve been in Othello for more than three years now, so a get-together at city hall is bound to be stuffed to the gills with people I know in one way or another. Such a gathering means I get to talk to them – and talk and talk …
So as I stood at city hall Aug. 6, I was in my element. Talking to people about my upcoming vacation plans, about what’s going on in my life and learning what’s going on in theirs.
I even got to meet the new administrator candidates and learn a bit about them. I love meeting new people. I suppose I should be a little more hesitant, but why become a journalist if you can’t march up to anyone, stick your hand out and introduce yourself? No point, really.
So, there I was, standing among the pleasantly chatting groups, content as could be. 
Then, I caught a look at the time – it was nearing 8 p.m. My heart quickened and I started shuffling toward the door. As I moved, I realized I was sneaking out of a place that should make me happiest. But I wanted to get home before the clock struck 8. 
I felt like Cinderella, but with an earlier curfew. I made it, got into my pajamas and plunked myself in front of my laptop just before 8, Internet browser open, ready to refresh – and refresh and refresh …
People of Othello, only a few things can pull me away from a social gathering. One of those things is my favorite day – Election Day!
Yes, it was only a primary. No, it didn’t decide anything major. No, the results couldn’t make it in that week’s paper. Yes, you would read it here nine days later.
Still, as I refreshed the page, willing results to pop up, I felt so excited. Who would lead the votes? Who would be eliminated? How would the democratic process work?
I don’t know when this change occurred in me, to become so involved in elections. I assure you, five years ago, I was just like most other Americans, caring far more about who got the most votes on American Idol than in any small, local political race.
These days, I can’t say the same. In some bigger towns with bigger newspapers, the newsrooms are given free pizza and everyone anxiously awaits the election results. 
With a staff of six – not even all full time – it mostly just comes down to me. So I can be the biggest election nerd I want and no one can see!
I love, love, love election day. Isn’t it remarkable how one vote can make a difference? Just one! I mean, in one of our recent elections, a vote literally decided who would take office. It may not feel like your vote can make much of a difference on a national scale, but on a local scale? You bet!
And local is all I write about in this paper. So, come on, Othello, turn out to vote at the general election in November. Think of it as making my election night even more exciting.


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