Why I love my Rikki

Somebody makes me feel loooooooved.



The reason I know Jenny and I are meant to be friends:

She came to visit a couple weekends ago and we had a little extra time before I started dragging her around to city events and we saw Bridesmaids (hilarious, by the way). So we stopped by Walmart, one of the only places to shop in town. We stopped by a rack of delightful decal pants.

I pulled out a pair decorated with tiny seahorses and she pulled out one covered with margaritas.

She looks at me and says “We can buy matching pants and go on a couples’ cruise. I’ll be the drunk one and you’ll be the fun one.”

Exactly right.

Then we went home, both were the drunk one and watched Black Swan.

PS this is obviously the most attractive either of us have ever looked. Obviously.

Photo Sixteen

30-Day Photo Project, day 16

A picture of someone who inspires you

I am a journalist, yes, but I struggle with a lot of basic journalistic-y things. Like talking to victim’s families. Or asking the tough, but right, questions. And I just don’t know how I would handle it on a day-to-day basis.

But then I see another journalist who is always on the front line of tragedy.

And kicking ass doing it.

She’s such a rockstar.

And I love her dearly.

Photo Ten

30-Day Photo Project, day ten

A picture of the person you do the most ****** up things with

I must admit (no surprises here) I am not really one to do messed up things. Even when I’m a bit intoxicated, I am pretty boring. I follow the rules. I go to sleep earlier. I’m more likely to be watching a movie than stealing a road sign.

That being said, I love the mini in-home adventures I have with my former roommate, Jamber.

We do things like drunk cleaning out the cupboards. Or vacuuming.

But our favorite thing to do after having a few strawberry daiquiris is to cook.

Terrible, terrible idea.

Once, we wanted to make a cheesecake from the Jell-O no-bake cheesecake pack I had. We got everything ready and then discovered we did not, in fact, have a pie tin. This frying pan is about the same size! Let’s use this! Instructions: let refridgerate for four hours.

Ummmm. No. How about a half hour or so? That should work! In case you are wondering, soupy not-chilled cheesecake is not good.

Another time we made a cake. Because if there is anything two drunk girls need, it’s to be running an oven. So we make the cake and everything goes fine.

We take the cake out of the oven and proceed to stare at it.

“Can we frost it yet?”

“No I think you have to wait until it cools.”

*Waits approximately two minutes, all while staring at the cake.”


“Yeah, I think it’s good.”

So, we had a glazed cake instead of a frosted cake. All the frosting melted down into the cake. It actually wasn’t too bad.

Oh, and then there was her dog. There isn’t much more effed up than that poor little puppy. But we love him anyways.

Photo Nine

30-Day Photo Project, day nine

A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

I have some mighty supportive people in my life. People that listen to my ranting and raving about life.

But my mom already got a post.

So I am going to go with my other crutch.

I remember one particular time I made my way to her apartment from campus by foot. When I arrived, I went into her apartment and went blindly past her roommates who were sitting on the couch. They seemed concerned but I didn’t even really see them. At all. She was in her room, laying on the bed. When she saw my face, she immediately stood up, hugged me and shut the door.

And then proceeded to let me collapse onto the bed and sob.

And then she talked me through everything.

She was there to have lunch with me every day when we embarked on our scary college journey.

But she was there for me before that. She has been there for me ever since we bonded over NSYNC back in fifth grade.

Through tough high school AP classes and deaths in the family. Through stupid boys and so-called friends. Through everything.

Even though we are two very, very different people, I don’t think I could do it without her.

Love, love, love.