TILT Oct. 23, 2012

Oh hello, week. It may only be Tuesday but I have some choice words for you.
I won’t say them, only because my mom reads this blog. You know what they are, week. YOU KNOW.
I don’t know what’s going on but the last two days have been…not great. Our whole staff is just a little off. That means production doesn’t run smoothly and I have to put in extra hours.
So I’ve already hit 30 for the week and my brain is quite busted.
So ignore typos, dudes.
Today certainly wasn’t all bad.
I got to see the g-rents, for the first time in two months. Which is CRAZY.
I miss them a lot. Like, a lot.
So it was nice to see them.
We also feasted on crab with their friends.


Then I went to Darla’s to watch Once Upon a Time.
As if I didn’t love the show enough, it gave me another reason.
A swashbuckling reason wearing eyeliner and a smirk.
More Captain Hook, please.



TILT Oct. 22, 2012

Posting before my day is actually over (yeah, still have like 6 hours of work, homies) because I have to go to a budget meeting with city council and it will definitely make me hate everything.

So I am going to focus on good NOW.

I found out today that Louis CK is hosting SNL in a couple weeks, something I am quite excited about. It’ll be good to see how he fits into the sketches and stuff.

Also, Netflix started using Halloween packaging for their DVDs a while ago. While the first envelopes were cool, the new ones are super great.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I adore Halloween. (Editor’s note: I’ve definitely mentioned it. If you didn’t know, pay more attention) What’s not to love? Candy and costumes, people, candy and costumes.

Apologies for the wonderful and complete manicure happening here.

Also, I saw this picture and LOLed because I always LOL at chubchub jokes. Such is my life.

Also,  I had this conversation today, which I think I can credit to Rikki.

Me: “No, she’s totally cray cray now.”

My super cool and hip boss: “What’s a cray?”