TILT March 1, 2012

Oh what a day! There were about eight community events going on tonight in town. I only committed to three.

Then, Roomie needed to go to Tri for a doctor appointment. It went loooong and I didn’t make it to one of the three.


BUT one I DID make it to was Othello’s first live comedy night! Professional comedians, y’all! They made plenty of jokes about Othello (that were funny) but apparently they had a good time.

AND I got to interview them after the show.

So that was fun!

Except one of the guys was saying something serious and insightful and the other guy was making funny faces behind his back and I kept laughing.

I needed this. It’s been a long week.

Live comedy — one of my favorite things in the whole word.

I laughed.  A lot. And I hear that laughing burns calories. Good thing, didn’t make it to the gym today!

Of course, the comedy started long before the actual show.

Roomie’s doctor was quite the funny man today.

He told her about something that could be wrong with her. Then he said that it’s probably not it.

She asked if he could check anyway, if there was a chance.

He said, “Well, yes. There is a chance you’ll see a zebra run across the highway on the way home. Still probably not going to happen.”

We LOLed.