TILT Oct. 20, 2012

Ok, ok, late again!
I didn’t get home from my activities yesterday until 2:30 a.m. TODAY, ok?
But last night, I did get to go see Wicked, one of my all-time favorite musicals. It’s a show about the other side of Wizard of Oz, focusing on the story of the “wicked” witch of the west.
And it’s goooood.
And, I got to go with some people I like a whole lot.


Also, yesterday, I received a pretty sizable cut while trying on a dress adorned with sequins. My fabulousness harmed me.
But, you know what they say, beauty is pain.


This is the life

It’s been pretty darn sunny recently. And I looooove it. It’s time to get out in the sunshine and leave behind this dreary winter we’ve had.

*side note: it is in fact raining as I write this

I was reading the other day on the porch and looked over to notice that it seemed Worthless was enjoying himself most of all.

Curled up on Gpa’s lap like a baby.

Such a tough kitty. So I got a nice view of the four others I live with today. Gpa, Worthless, Gma and Lady.

I don’t hate it.


This is love.

This past Saturday marked fifty years since my grandparents said “I do.”

This is both unfathomable and inspiring to me for so many reasons. At this point in my life it seems like a stretch that I would be with someone for fifty days, let alone fifty years.  Yet, here are two people who prove that it can happen. My grandparents met on a blind date, something I would have to be practically forced to go on. It obviously worked out for the best, however, because not only are they still married but they are very much in love.

While I have yet to be anywhere near marriage-ready, I do hope to someday find something close to the love that these two people share.

If I want to make it to my fifty year marker, I better get started. Goal one: a serious relationship with a straight male. This could prove to be quite difficult for me…