TILT Oct. 30, 2012

Totally spaced on blogging yesterday.

Guess I was too distracted by my visit from my darling Rikki.

I should probably spend more time with that girl, in general. I like her a bit.


TILT Oct. 28, 2012

What a fantastic end to a truly terrible week.
Today meant more smallville and general chatting with Brobro before heading to a book sale and food with a couple of my ladies.
I bought too many books and the planned Indian food was thwarted but, still, pleasant day.
I needed this weekend to just sort of decompress.
Super glad I went.
Super sad I won’t get any more early morning cuddles from this pretty lady.


TILT Oct. 21, 2012

It’s not really a good day until you are curled up on the coach of a man you just met, crying in the middle of the day.

Today, I spent time with the beautiful Lynsi and her (thankfully) understanding boyfriend.

We tried to go to one lunch break but the hour-long break sent us to a different place.

Bellies full, we sat down to watch the finale of Project Runway.

Happy with the results but brought to tears by the truly heartbreaking sadness of the other contestants, it was a good moment.

Then I drove home through truly torrential rain.

It was mildly scary but the sky became bright blue once I got back to my side of the mountain.

It made coming back home a little brighter. I guess.

TILT Oct. 20, 2012

Ok, ok, late again!
I didn’t get home from my activities yesterday until 2:30 a.m. TODAY, ok?
But last night, I did get to go see Wicked, one of my all-time favorite musicals. It’s a show about the other side of Wizard of Oz, focusing on the story of the “wicked” witch of the west.
And it’s goooood.
And, I got to go with some people I like a whole lot.


Also, yesterday, I received a pretty sizable cut while trying on a dress adorned with sequins. My fabulousness harmed me.
But, you know what they say, beauty is pain.

Thing one and thing two

I have this friend.

Her name is Charlotte. When I first joined the drama club freshman year in high school, I was immediately enchanted. She seemed like the most glamourous person I had ever seen. Perhaps because she was so different than all my other friends. She was in honors classes, too, but she wore different clothes and was so cool! Looking back, she was just as nerdy as I was, but I didn’t see it at the time. We were in the same math class in high school and totally geeked out in our love for the teacher. Yeah. We were nerds. But damn cool ones, if I do say so myself. Which I do, obviously.

Now, we are grown up. And still friends. Of course, after high school ended, we only saw each other every 2 years or so. But, while this is sad, we seem to pick up without any awkwardness or anything. I still think she is one of the coolest people I have ever met. Her lifestyle is just so different than mine. She works at a record store and lives at a big house in Portland, a bohemian artistic place in my mind, much different than the farmgirl life I have become accustomed too.

I spent some time with her this last weekend. We drank beer and ate approximately 90 pounds of potato products and laughed a lot.

And took a picture that brought me right back to high school. One year, we were cast in these bit parts in a play, the assistant stage manager number 1 and assistant stage manager number 2. It worked for me, because I always idolized her a bit. She ended up getting bumped up to being a waaaay bigger part in the play, unsurprisingly. I continued to dress like a man and order people around. So that was nice.

From the cast party:

When we hung out this past weekend, we recreated the number one and number dynamic, in the classic Charlotte-Briana style.
And then all was right with the world.

GPOYW – Spenser edition

Today is Spenser’s birthday. And what better way to celebrate than to post my favorite pics of us together.

Yep. It’s a win for everybody. ; )

We have been friends for quite some time. Since freshman year Spanish class, to be specific.

It’s lucky I thought he was cute. I created study groups and didn’t invite anyone else so I could try to get him to like me. My sneakiness didn’t work, for obvious reasons, but I’m sure glad I did it!

This is from when I brought him as my “date” to my cousin’s birthday party in 2008. She thought we were a cute couple. Tee hee.

Who could forget our epic Jeopardy! costumes? This is what true friends are for: being your Alex Trebek.

I love him with all my heart.