Speedering through life

The best part about working at a small-town paper is you really get to know the people in town. They stop you on the street to say hello, come into the office to chat with you, wave when driving by and they say hi at the grocery store.

They keep you posted on when things are happening. And sometimes, they invite you to be part of the family.

This is Clyde.

Clyde is one of my favorite people in Othello. And he thinks I’m pretty swell, too. We’re standing in front of something called a speeder. Speeders are small railroad cars that were originally used to go out and fix the other cars broken down on the rail. Now, they are collected by rail enthusiasts and ridden around for fun. Clyde invited me to join with his family and spend the day riding around.

It was pretty dang great. It took about 12 hours, we went all over this area and saw a lot of delightful things. Of course, the car is open sided so it was pretty dang windy and cold.

But still a lot of fun.

I had a good time.

As you can tell.

What’s weird is when I was getting ready to drive back to Renton that night and I looked down at my feet. I was wearing boots which were now covered in dirt, as I had been outside all day. They weren’t cowboy boots and I hadn’t spent time on a farm or a horse, but it still made me feel somehow at home in this rural agricultural town.



Entertainment in these here parts

This weekend I am going to a combine demolition derby.

Are you so excited right now?

I actually am.

I feel like spending the weekend surround by dirt, cowboys and crashing farm equipment is really the way to go.

Check out what’s happening.

This is what I have to look forward to: