The sounds rang out

Today, I was interviewing someone about a community service day going on in Othello.

In the middle of the interview he said, “The sounds of hammers and nails could be heard throughout town Sunday morning, as…”

I asked him what he was talking about.

He said, “I’m just guessing what you are going to write in your story.”

So, yeah. I think some people may have figured out my style. And how much I love sensory words and adjectives…


Bury the lead

Here’s another little quote. This one made me LOL. It’s from A Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier.

When he was in his early thirties, five or six years before he died, he had taught journalism at Columbia University and been astonished to discover how many of his students — some of the finest in the city, mind you — were incapable of writing a good opening sentence. Not only did they bury their leads, they burned them, dismembered them, and then buried them. This had been one of his favorite classroom jokes, though it had never gotten as much as a single laugh.

Photo Thirty-eight

60-Day Photo Project, day 38

A picture of the best part of your day

The best part of my day…. the best part of my day…

It could be getting to play with Emma, but she gets a little rowdy and actually ripped a hole in my pants last week with her teeth.

It could be chilling with my one true love, Netflix, at the end of the day.

It could be coming home and getting interrogated by gma about my day. (Hint: it’s not this one).

I don’t know what it is, to be honest. Maybe just being a journalist. Which is what I’ve always wanted to do.

I like talking to everyone and finding out new things. I get to meet such interesting people that I don’t normally. So that’s good.

What? I found a baby before.

Conversation between me and my editor:

Me: Be back soon.

Editor: Where are you going?

M: To take pictures of the kids decorating the Christmas tree at city hall. Yay, babies!

E: I want you to come back with pictures of babies. I repeat, PICTURES of babies. Do not, under any circumstance, come back with a baby.

M: You are SERIOUSLY no fun.

Journalist griping

Ok, so there are several things that annoy me about being a journalist and dealing with the public.

One of them, however, is when people say something like “I’m on the other line, can I call you right back?”

And then they don’t.

So you are just sitting around, but you don’t want to call anyone else because you don’t want to miss the call from the original person.

I wrote a story while I was waiting, but still, I hung up over an hour ago. But I have to wait another hour or so before I call again or I will just look like a bitch. Which, if it were closer to press time, I would be totally ok with. But as my deadline is not for another day and a half I will let it slide.

This time.

Jess Walter

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I have developed quite a book crush on Jess Walter. A book crush, for those people who are unaware, is where I feel no attraction whatsoever to the author but am drawn inexplicably to his or her books.

Jess used to write for the Spokesman-Review and then moved on to writing books.

I would recommend them to anyone.

He visited our campus a couple of weeks ago. Unlike a prepared journalist, I didn’t take notes nor did I blog about it right away so I can’t give you a detailed account.

What I can do is tell you about one thing he said that stuck with me.

If journalism is your passion, he said, stick with it.

This is a really hard time for a journalism student to try to get out in the newspaper world. I have been turned down by countless newspapers and ignored by others.

But I love journalism.

Someone recently asked me if I had thought about what my Plan B would be.

Well, newspaper world, I am not done with Plan A yet.

So be prepared.