TILT March 18, 2013

Well, all y’all already know I have sort of a little bit of a maybe tiny crush on Stanley Tucci. He’s showed up in my TILTs before.
Well, here he is lookin’ like a fox in a jeans ad from the 1980s.
You’re welcome.


TILT Oct. 31, 2012

As if you really need to ask.


I can’t help it. I love chocolate. Oh, and I LOVE COSTUMES.

Like, so much. If I could wear a costume every day, I totally would.

I mean you get to BE SOMEONE ELSE for the day. You can totally transform your personality, appearance, everything, and just try a different one on.

This year: I tried villain on for size:

It’s not that I don’t like being me, I do. I mean, I like me more than anyone else likes me.

Still, fun to do other things. Hence the costume-themed birthday parties all the time. (Sorry, friends.)

Costumes like mine are sometimes hard work. This year, the wig was itchy, the coat was hot, I tried to wear high shoes all day and my feet hurt terribly because I’m bad at being a girl, but…I still love doing it.

And, hey, at least I didn’t leave feathers and glitter everywhere like last year.

Was I a parrot or a stripper? Give it your best guess.

Still, by the time I got home, I was a hot mess.

Cruella-ing is hard work.

Also, if you ever get to the point where you say to yourself, “You know what? I’m pretty tired of looking at grainy self portraits of Briana,” then you better never visit this blog again. Because, yeah, this isn’t stopping.


TILT Feb. 14, 2012

Whhhaaa? Posting already? It’s still in the a.m.!

But I have things to love today already. I mean, it IS a day dedicated to love!

Happy Valentine’s Day amigos!

Remember my quest for geocaches with the boys? Well, we dressed up in pirate stuff when we went out there, so it’d be like a treasure hunt.

So, the kids sent me  valentine today. Chocolates. On teh front, it says “We treasure you!” And then each signed it. Perfection.

I also got a gift from their mom which was rolo, wrapped in red paper, with a “wick” hanging out, that says “Valentine, you are dynamite!”

Add that to the bottle of wine and more chocolate from other coworker. I’m doing pretty OK.

AND I’m spending my evening schmoozing with the old ladies from my book club.

So, yeah, if I’m not sexy and romantic I don’t know what is.

Of course, someday I may have a valentine. And when I do, I hope he loves me enough to do something like this guy. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while and definitely is a TILT.

Plus, on Valentine’s Day, I like to look my heart-ed best. Just like any time there is an semblance of a theme or holiday.

So, yeah, rocking a shirt that sparkles today.

Love you guys!

TILT Jan. 13, 2012

What are some Things I Love Today?

Well, there’s Dan, that’s been winning on Jeopardy who is cute and smart.

There’s this cartoon I saw on Toothpaste for Dinner about writer’s block that made me LOL.

I do love these things but there’s something I love more.

It’s sappy, nausea-inducing sweetness overload.

It’s got a musical number set up like a flash mob.

It’s at Disneyland.

It’s perfection.

All the love in the world

Today I was in Moses Lake, hanging out with Gov. Gregoire, you know, whatever.

And I stopped by the g-rent’s house on the way back to pick up my mail, check in with them, hugs, etc.

Gpa offered me some cereal they bought and do not like. I wanted to make sure I liked it, so I tasted a few pieces. I didn’t exactly have a bowl and milk handy so I did what any normal person (I thought) would do. I tucked it under one arm, popped open the top and grabbed a few of the pieces and popped them in my mouth.

My grandfather looked at me, sitting in a recliner and chomping on some dry cereal and said:

“You see how you’re eating that? That is exactly why you don’t have a love life.”


What a sweet, sweet man he is.