Photo Thirty-seven

60-Day Photo Project, day 37

A picture of the people you spend most of your time with

Yep. This is my life.


Workin’ for the man

Ok, so when I first got interested in the newspaper business, I was 12 or so. And I think when I pictured my dream job, I sort of picked out some stereotypes in my mind.

To be honest, it was all very Daily Planet from Superman.

I would be very glamorous, a la Lois Lane, and wear pencil skirts and carry a notebook and maybe have chic glasses. Meh.

But what was really important my editor. I always pictured an older, semi-rotund, gruff guy with a heart of gold.

When I met my editor here I was slightly disappointed because I thought he wasn’t old enough! I thought he was 40 or so. Not quite what I pictured! But it turns out he fit every other thing I wanted him to. He is sarcastic and grumpy, but still tells me I am wonderful when he thinks I deserve it (or I am totally freaking out). He has that slightly rumpled look of someone who was supposed to be somewhere ten minutes ago but will get there on their own time, dammit! He gets the job done, even if he has to yell at a police officer to do it.

Well, he was talking to me the other day. And mentioned grandkids. Who are 14.

He is in his min-50s! Hurray!

Now that I have a much older editor than I originally thought, my life is back on track.

Even if he will never understand my love for google and wikipedia.

Or get how I come up with random information so fast…

Think of the children!

Pretty much every other day I regret the fact that I did not become an elementary school teacher.

I love kids.

Then I remember that I love journalism-ing more.

But I still miss toothless grins and small children saying crazy things and the unchecked adoration you get with little ones.

Luckily, I seem to have found the perfect job. Working at a newspaper like this one means I am at an elementary school AT LEAST once a week. I get to take pictures a luaus, book sales, picnics, talent shows, you name it.

Which is fantastic, because I get my kid fix without actually to, you know, have some.


On being employed

So, I just finished my third day at the Outlook.

I am exhausted. More tired than I have been since last semester, for sure, but I am not even trying to do as much stuff. It is a combination of getting up at 6:30 a.m. every day (something I am really not used to) and the excitement/stress that comes with starting a new job and moving.

On Monday, I worked at 11-hour day.  It made me feel right at home.

It was a pretty busy day. No “Welcome aboard” luncheon or anything. I laid out six pages and proofed more. All while trying to learn everything about my new home that I could. There are so many design things that happened at the egreen that they just don’t do here. Or they do them differently. So trying to learn new rules while forgetting the old ones is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

Another different thing: I have an office. This is exceptionally exciting in itself because I have never had an office before. But I am used to a newsroom sort of atmosphere. Where you can see everyone you work with and there is a big cloud of ideas, ridicule, jokes and tips floating around all the time. This sort of happens here, as people yell out of their open doors, but it is just not the same.

Even if we were all seated in one big room, however, it wouldn’t be the same. There are only 6 people who work at the paper. The publisher, the editor, the office manager, the designer, the sales manager and me. The hustle and bustle of reporters running around and editors venting frustrations to each other are in my past, and perhaps my future, but not my present.

Also, on Monday, everyone kept apologizing to me about how crazy it was and asking me to please be patient. All I could think was “this is what crazy is?” No one was even crying!!

There are definitely things I miss from my days at the evergreen. I can’t go into Rikki‘s office, shut the door and complain when my day is going horrible. There isn’t anyone at my office who I would even think about doing this with now. Maybe that will come later. Maybe I will just call Rikki even though she will not know anyone I am complaining about. I don’t have angry/sarcastic/funny facebook and text conversations with Jeff while sitting next to him. I realize I can still talk to him, and I do, just the whole talking-over-the-internets-while-you-are-in-the-same-room-thing is better.

Don’t get me started on how much I miss Janel, Jenny and Morgan.


But all in all, this is a wonderfully pleasant experience. I think I am really going to enjoy it.

I would enjoy it more if people came to visit me.

Just sayin’.