TILT Jan. 25, 2012

I have often talked about how much I love Ron Swanson.

This fictional character from the stunningly brilliant Parks and Recreation is played by Nick Offerman.

Offerman is actually pretty similar to his character. He already played the saxophone and runs a woodworking shop.

And Ron’s evil ex-wife Tammy 2 is played by Offerman’s real-life wife Megan Mullally.

Mullally, who’ve I actually seen in real life during a performance of Young Frankenstein, is another comic genius.

I thought I couldn’t love them any more than I already did.

I was wrong.

They recorded this delightful little ditty, Wings of a Dragon.

It’s pretty damn fantastic.


Another thing I love today is bells.

Bells, you ask?

Yes, bells.

Last week, roomie and I went to a handbell concert in town.

I took this artsy picture, impressed?

Anyways, the concert was pretty fun and afterward we got to go up and try out the handbells.

Also pretty fun.

So we may join the choir.

We’re going to our first rehearsal tonight.

Pretty awesome.


ALSO (I’m making up for being such a crankypants yesterday), I just finished listening to Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up.

It was a great look at how he made his way from working at Disneyland up through magician, banjo player, comedian, movie star.

I absolutely adored it.