TILT Nov. 1, 2012

Happy November everyone!

For those of you who know me and have followed me the last couple years, you know November can only mean one thing.

Very little sleep, a whole lot of cuss words, some frozen pizza, some energy drinks and my computer.

Yep, it’s novel writin’ time!

I am joining with thousands of people across the world to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

I have participated in National Novel Writing Month two times before and finished on time both years (woo!).

It isn’t easy.

I have a procrastination way that makes things…difficult.

However, I also have the reporter drive of finishing things on time that allows me, like last year, to write 30,000 words in a week.

On my first day this time, I wrote…zero words.

Yep, zero.

But fear not, blog readers, I’ll make it work again.

Don’t forget, I caught a serious, massive cold my first year and was wiped out for a full week at the beginning of the month.

I can do this, with your support.

Write on, guys. Write on.

(Yeah, I could resist the pun. Like grainy pictures of myself, it’s gonna keep happening. DEAL WITH IT.)


Taking the write path

Well, it’s November. Which means it’s back to the novel writing for me.

This month, I will attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days, along with thousands of other people.

It should be swell.

Here’s the opening of the rough draft of my newest novel, tentatively titled Just another day:


Sometimes, one of those days comes along. A day that you’re sure could not possibly be any worse. When facing one of those days, it’s important to stop, breathe and remember this: somewhere, someone out there is having a worse day than you.

Today, I am that person.

Don’t believe me? Consider this. Right now, I am sitting in the back of a van, a gun clutched to my side that I have neither the knowledge to know how to use nor the desire to do so. Three men wearing ski masks are staring at me as I try to keep from shaking.

In front, an unmasked man steers the van through traffic, hoping to avoid the sirens that seem to be coming from all directions.

And I don’t even know if I would classify this as the low point of my day. So, it’s true. Today, I am that one unfortunate soul who can help make everyone else feel a little better about the things going wrong in their lives.

But I should start at the beginning.

My name is Sarah Jensen and when I woke up this morning, I was looking forward to the day.

I should have stayed in bed.

Celebrity best friends

One of my little pals, Dean, 10, was in the office this morning and this happened.

Dean: Didn’t you write a book?

Me: Yep!

D: Is it going to get published.

M: I hope so.

D: You mean you could be a best seller?

M: That would be nice.

D: Yeah! Then I could be best friends with a celebrity!



Here’s to hopin, dude.

Another raise!

Well, I returned home yesterday still giddy with the excitement of making it to the next level of the writing contest I entered.

I carried in my hand a print out of the reviews I got from the experts.

My grandfather gave me a hug and looked at me.

Then, he said, “Well…I guess it’s up to a 7.5, since everyone keeps telling me I’m a dumbass.”

Not too bad! First, a 6. Slowly moving to a 7. And now, a 7.5? Yikes!

Keep me honest, guys

Ok, so you guys know that I am bad at keeping up with things if I don’t have deadlines.

I procrastinate, put off, neglect, etc, anything that doesn’t have a specific due date.

So…after writing 50,000 words in November, have only written a couple thousand since starting my latest novel.

So, my plan is to finish 50,000 words by the end of March. Admitedly, I have a small head start. BUT I still think I need to have a goal.

But, since I don’t get to update a spiffy website like I did for NaNoWriMo, you guys have to make sure I do it. Or at least believe me when I tell you I did.


Moving on and moving up

So, I am currently hard at work hatching the idea for my second novel.

I’ve decided not to do a sequel to the first one, at least not yet. I love Lily and Rosie very much, but I need to take a break from them.

Instead, I am doing more of an action book.

Weird, right?

I have to write a book that can be turned into a movie that Hunky Brucester could potentially show up in, you know?

The new novel features a girl named Sarah Willoughby.

Sarah is your average girl, mild-mannered and polite.

She doesn’t get angry or upset, even when bad things happen.

Until that day.

Her boyfriend of multiple years breaks up with her while she’s getting ready to go to work as a bank teller.

Turns out he’s been cheating on her.

With a coworker.

To top it all off, said coworker is getting a promotion that Sarah thought she would get.

And Sarah? She gets a notice she is being laid off.

Still, she keeps a smile on her face.

After all, Sarah is the girl you can count on. The girl who doesn’t get worked up about anything.

Then, a group of guys wearing face masks break in.

Something inside Sarah snaps. Years of anger, pain and humiliation take over her body. She stops thinking.

She grabs one of the guns.

And, then….