TILT Jan. 16, 2012

There is very little in this world I love more than Ron Swanson.

Except, perhaps, a drunk Ron Swanson.

I already posted about the greatest moment on television.

That is just a YouTube video, though. And while you can repeat it over and over (I did) it doesn’t pack quite the same punch as this website.

My reaction was, I kid you not, “OMG THIS IS SO GREAT OMG,” followed by several seconds of staring, without moving.

So, yeah, that website is what I love most today.

Followed (at quite a distance) by this puppy picture.

I have to represent my favorite furry friends to help balance out all the damn cats Nhan uses.

Things I Love Always: Doggies!


A little gift, mostly for Lynsi

I have been rewatching the first two seasons of Parks and Recreation lately.

It’s definitely my favorite show.

Usually, I post videos like this one of Ron Swanson.

But today, I have something completely different.

One of those moments that I’m sure made me laugh at the time but ultimately fell through the cracks and didn’t make it on the permanent ParksandRec loop in my head.

But when I saw this last night, I LOLed again. And though of Lynsi.

So, my dear, you’re welcome.