At least I didn’t move to a town named Romeo or Macbeth

I live in Othello. Not liked the tragic Shakespearean hero. Google does not know this.

I must remember to put Othello, WA in all of my google searches. Or Shakespeare is the majority of the results every time. Sigh


A midsummer night in the ’50s

I saw my friend Brad in one of his show’s the first weekend of spring break.

It was A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Only it was set in the ’50s. And it was a musical.


For those of you who don’t know the plot, shame on you. Also, there are these four kids who go into the woods. Both guys are in love with one girl. A second girl is in love with one of the boys. Fairies decide to play tricks on him. Chaos ensues.

The songs were from the decade and just integrated into the script. It was awesome.

The best songs (a.k.a. most relevant) were “I will follow him” by the one girl who is in love with the guy who does not love her back and “Love Potion #9.”

This is sung by the fairy king (Brad) when he is putting magic love serum on the eyes of the kids.


I really liked the fact that it was a new twist that added music but still kept the words of Shakespeare. I was afraid they were going to modernize the language. But they didn’t, this you know I know.