TILT March 1, 2013

I have welcomed March on a good note. Because it was Friday I, surprise surprise, left work early. My absolute favorite thing about my job is flexible hours. Let’s pretend I don’t hit my required 40 hours a week by Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

So I left early and hurried on over to the west side of the state for a full weekend of the theatah.

After chit chatting with mom for a little bit, Brent and I were off to Tacoma. I haven’t really been to the residential part of Tacoma and was blown away by how awesome the houses were. We went to this little restaurant and the food was PHENOMENAL. Get into my belly more often, gorgonzola risotto.

THE BEST PART of this restuarant, though, was the lack of parking. It sounds weird, but we had to circle the block a couple times and finally found a spot in front of the nearby fire station. Walking past it showed my this fish. A dalmatian fish, it seems, with a collar that read “SPARKEE.”

Day. Made. Image

Then it was off to Tacoma Little Theatre.

We saw The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).

It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I literally laughed until I cried. My stomach hurt after all the lols from the ridiculousness of what I had just seen.

Seriously, people running around in bad wigs? Vomit gags? Stupid props? Sexual innuendo? What more is there to life?

So much fun.





TILT Feb. 2, 2012

Today, Seattle Children’s Theatre posted this photo, a review from a performance.

There are so many people who do not believe arts education is necessary. Just load the kids up with math and science and reading and other things that’ll help them pass their standardized tests.

Yes, these standard parts of education are important.

But so are accessing parts of your brain that aren’t touched by math problems.

There is something magical about the arts.

Clearly, I get that magic from stage shows.

But what about writing creatively?




There are so many ways that we can show kids how to express themselves.

Don’t give up on arts.

They just might surprise you.

GPOYW – Theatre edition

Ok, so I am going to start doing Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday. When I remember. So, basically, today.

Here is me in one of my favorite plays in high school.

I played a snobby actor would do anything (and anyone) to get to the top. I am about to be taught a lesson and get trapped in a mummy case and shipped off.

Probably should have minded my own business…