TILT Feb. 14, 2012

Whhhaaa? Posting already? It’s still in the a.m.!

But I have things to love today already. I mean, it IS a day dedicated to love!

Happy Valentine’s Day amigos!

Remember my quest for geocaches with the boys? Well, we dressed up in pirate stuff when we went out there, so it’d be like a treasure hunt.

So, the kids sent me  valentine today. Chocolates. On teh front, it says “We treasure you!” And then each signed it. Perfection.

I also got a gift from their mom which was rolo, wrapped in red paper, with a “wick” hanging out, that says “Valentine, you are dynamite!”

Add that to the bottle of wine and more chocolate from other coworker. I’m doing pretty OK.

AND I’m spending my evening schmoozing with the old ladies from my book club.

So, yeah, if I’m not sexy and romantic I don’t know what is.

Of course, someday I may have a valentine. And when I do, I hope he loves me enough to do something like this guy. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while and definitely is a TILT.

Plus, on Valentine’s Day, I like to look my heart-ed best. Just like any time there is an semblance of a theme or holiday.

So, yeah, rocking a shirt that sparkles today.

Love you guys!



Ok, I know this is sort of silly because I just posted something on how great love is and all that jazz. But I want to saw that Valentine’s Day is generally overrated.

That being said, I had a great day this year. It may not have been traditional but I got to spend time with people who truly love me.

First, I had lunch and exchanged Valentine’s gifts with Janel, who was my Valentine last year too. In fact, when her mom found out we were going to see a play in Spokane on Saturday night, she just assumed it was a date night for us. She is my quasbian (quasi-lesbian) and I love her to death.

I also went and saw a movie and went to dinner with Spenser. The movie was Couples Retreat which, by the way, was awful, but the day was fun.

And what could round out Valentine’s day better than ice cream, girl talk and How I Met Your Mother with Rachelle? Neil Patrick Harris makes all problems go away, I assure you.