TILT March 13, 2013

Oh, Wednesday, you funny.
First, I picked up my new book club book. The cover makes it look like a romance novel, which makes me lol.

Then, Brent knew I’ve been having a rough time, so he sent me a new friend, a nod to my recently-discovered obsession of puffins.

I named him Niles Crane. This is because a) I love Niles so very much and b) I think it’s funny to name a puffin after a Crane.

TILT March 4, 2013

You know what I love about Mondays? Not much! Even if I worked a normal number of hours on Monday I probably wouldn’t like them. But, alas, part of my job.
Work work brutal PT session work work.
Nice long city council meeting with some writing at home to top it off.
I’m getting back into Frasier, though. That’s good news.

Photo Fifty

60-Day Photo Project, day 50

A picture of your most frequented place

I don’t know the answer to this.

I mean, there’s work, obviously. And then the places I frequent for work (city hall/police station, hospital, courthouse, senior center, schools). And then there’s my house. But I don’t really go anywhere else frequently.

So….I guess I’m just boring…

Outside the office...