TILT Oct. 23, 2012

Oh hello, week. It may only be Tuesday but I have some choice words for you.
I won’t say them, only because my mom reads this blog. You know what they are, week. YOU KNOW.
I don’t know what’s going on but the last two days have been…not great. Our whole staff is just a little off. That means production doesn’t run smoothly and I have to put in extra hours.
So I’ve already hit 30 for the week and my brain is quite busted.
So ignore typos, dudes.
Today certainly wasn’t all bad.
I got to see the g-rents, for the first time in two months. Which is CRAZY.
I miss them a lot. Like, a lot.
So it was nice to see them.
We also feasted on crab with their friends.


Then I went to Darla’s to watch Once Upon a Time.
As if I didn’t love the show enough, it gave me another reason.
A swashbuckling reason wearing eyeliner and a smirk.
More Captain Hook, please.



Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Until I eat you.

I am a new-found sushi fan. I didn’t start eating it until this year. But I looooove it. I love all kinds too, I haven’t come across anything I didn’t like. If you told me I would enjoy eating raw fish, eel and fish eggs, I would have laughed at you. But they are so tasty, I can’t help it!

I was in Wenatchee last weekend for a conference. And I had some of the prettiest sushi I had ever had. Yum, yum!