TILT Oct. 9, 2012

Today, I love that I get to be a city girl AND a country girl.
I spent the weekend walking through Seattle and I spent part of this morning walking through a corn field.
I got covered head to toe in dirt and little bits of vegetation.
It was awesome.
I even got to climb on a large piece of machinery that I believe is called by industry professionals as the corn choppy downy thing.
It went along and cut six rows of corn at a time and spit out a bunch of corn bits.
I’m a fan.
I like this country thing.
Don’t tell.



Rain is a good thing – Luke Bryan

I am obsessed with this song. Maybe because I live in a farming community? I don’t know. I just love, love, love it.

I intentionally drove slow the other day because I was close to home when the song came on.

I always turn it WAY up and sing along.