Let’s have a chat

Seriously weather, we need to have a few words.

This snow is SO not going to work from me.

First of all, I just ordered seriously cute shoes. They are supposed to get here Thursday, and I can’t wear them if it’s snowing out/there is snow on the ground. Just think about that.

Second of all, I am making a super quick trip over the pass this weekend. The kind of trip that only leaves me enough time to make it over, see a play and come back. I don’t even have time to visit anyone.

But I can’t do that if you snow too much.

So, don’t.

You do not want to deal with me if you stand between me and The Drowsy Chaperone. You really, really don’t.


Smile, damn you!

There is a such thing as courtesy.

Like when I smile and say good morning, you don’t treat me with scorn and distaste.

Every week, I go to get the court records. One of the girls always looks at me like I am the scum of the earth.

You know what? I don’t like coming to get the records either, so suck it up.

It pissed me off especially this morning.

I had a pretty shitty weekend, actually.

So will it kill you to say hello back to me?

I don’t think so.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer…

…is singing loud for all to hear.

So I sing. A lot. In a loud, pitchy, completely off key voice.

Complete with dance moves.

I was in the middle of a paricularly rowdy version of Sleigh Ride the other day when I was holding the door open for my boss (who is on crutches) and he laughed.

And then said: “Don’t make me laugh. I’m in a really bad mood.”

That made me giggle. But it’s true. Sometimes you just want to be mad. And cheery coworkers shouldn’t cheer you up, damn it!