Livin’ the dream

I want to start out by saying: I love my job. I do. I get to be around small children and puppies but also congressmen and commissioners. But I do dream of bigger things.

What might my dream job be, you ask? Well, apparently I can’t be on the news team at The Daily Planet, as it’s “fictional,” so I’ll have to go with these:

  • Theatre Reviewer – Um, yes, please. Free tickets to shows? Interviewing actors and directors and producers and play people? Free tickets? Doing something I love every day? Free tickets? Yes, yes, yes.
  • Writer for the Seattle Weekly. It comes out weekly and also has an online presence with news blogs, etc. It’s all the crazy stuff that goes on in Seattle. Oh, and they do theatre reviews. See above.
  • Education reporter. Working with the kiddies every night and day. That’s the best part about working here, but then I wouldn’t have to deal with so many adults all the time.
  • Books reporter. This one is not even just about reviews, which I would also enjoy writing. I would love to talk to authors about what makes them tick, how they get the ideas for stories, etc.
  • Movie and Entertainment news. This one is sort of iffy, actually. I love reading this stuff (all the time) but I don’t know if I would ever actually be able to write it. Calling agents and all that jazz? Not really for me. But, if I got to interview actors? That’s the way to go!

Blogging break

So, I made a decision to post at least 5 posts a week. And then I didn’t post for 12 days.

I was just waiting for something to say.

Something about that job in Othello.

Still waiting.

I am supposed to have a decision by tomorrow! So maybe I’ll have something else to say then.