What? I found a baby before.

Conversation between me and my editor:

Me: Be back soon.

Editor: Where are you going?

M: To take pictures of the kids decorating the Christmas tree at city hall. Yay, babies!

E: I want you to come back with pictures of babies. I repeat, PICTURES of babies. Do not, under any circumstance, come back with a baby.

M: You are SERIOUSLY no fun.


Think of the children!

Pretty much every other day I regret the fact that I did not become an elementary school teacher.

I love kids.

Then I remember that I love journalism-ing more.

But I still miss toothless grins and small children saying crazy things and the unchecked adoration you get with little ones.

Luckily, I seem to have found the perfect job. Working at a newspaper like this one means I am at an elementary school AT LEAST once a week. I get to take pictures a luaus, book sales, picnics, talent shows, you name it.

Which is fantastic, because I get my kid fix without actually to, you know, have some.