It seems the sky is falling

I have been living exclusively on the east side of the state since the end of summer 2008.

There is way less rain here than there was at home.

So I am always surprised when it rains, like it is doing outside right now. A lot.

Even more so, though, I am surprised that I am surprised. I grew up in this. I waited in the bus stop. I hunched under the hood of my coat. I scoffed at people with umbrellas.

And now? I’m just another kid from this side of the state who gets scared to go out where it’s wet. Nah, I’ll stay inside, please!



Rain is a good thing – Luke Bryan

I am obsessed with this song. Maybe because I live in a farming community? I don’t know. I just love, love, love it.

I intentionally drove slow the other day because I was close to home when the song came on.

I always turn it WAY up and sing along.