TILT Oct. 16, 2012

Sorry, guys, I forgot to update again.
I was going to figure out a TILT today when I got home last night, but, seeing as how that was almost 18 hours after I left my home yesterday morning, I just fell asleep instead.
So that’s what I love, sleep.
We aren’t all that close, sleep and I.
I will sometimes have nights were I only fall asleep a handful of times and each time is only a short time.
About two weeks ago, I was walking to the library and I noticed I was just feeling generally better than normal. Just more aware of what was going on. It took me a minute, but I realized the source of this good cheer. I had fallen asleep earlier than normal the night before and slept without waking (which is almost completely unheard of in my life) for a full eight hours.
Turns out, I gotta try that more often.