Puppies: Now please?

It’s getting bad.

My editor went to the pound today for a story and came back with pictures. There were five little puppies somebody just dumped there last night.

And more that were dropped off yesterday.

I just want one so bad it is ridiculous. I teared up when I thought about them out in that cement outdoor area.

Which is why I tried to convince the big bosses we needed a mascot. A living mascot. In the form of a puppy, of course.

I tried to come up with newspaper-related names for our puppy even.

I think the favorite was Off The Record.

Here is one shot I loved:

Take me home, purty please!

Things I love: Puppy Edition

I love puppies. Big, small, old, young, doesn’t matter.

Dogs can brighten my mood no matter what kind of day I am having.

I am having serious withdrawals. Yes, my grandparents have a dog. However, she is more like a crotchety old lady than a real dog. And she is one of the only dogs in this world I don’t like. And I even like her sometimes when she snuggles with me and doesn’t just bark at me.

My love for dogs is confirmed by the covers of my last two albums on the book of face. This cracked me up.

PS Sorry the writing is in Spanish.